Sunday, July 26, 2009

On vacation, working on technology lesson

Yesterday we finally got to Orlando (well Davenport) Florida. It took us two extra hours because I-95 was packed and there was construction. My main reason for coming was to attend the Angelman Syndrome Conference, but since my husband and I have never been to Florida before we decided to add in a vacation as well. So we rented a small house with a small pool for two weeks .

I am looking forward to spending time at the conference both learning new skills from some of the foremost authorities on Angelman Syndrome and meeting with people (parents, children and siblings) I know or know of from the Angleman listserve and lately from Facebook. Since I originally met my husband online, I have a lot of faith in knowing people from the purely verbal aspect as opposed to the physical one. It's nice though, to put a face with the personality!

I am also taking a class this summer on learning and teaching with Web 2.0 tools., which is one of the reasons I got back to this blog. I am taking the class online ( I do a lot online!) which is very convenient since you can work on it when and as you can. The information we are learning is interesting and exciting and it's always helpful to see what your colleagues are doing. My biggest problem is using the material with my students since they don't really have the skills necessary. However, you never know what you and your students can do until you try! It should be interesting :)

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