Saturday, December 29, 2012

Long time no see.... again :(

I need to begin with an apology.  If anyone, besides some members of my family are reading this blog, it's been a long time coming.  A couple of reasons why, some ups and downs in the classroom, which have made me stressed and sometimes unhappy.  I have never been good at change, even when it is a good change.  I just don't have a good history with change.  Another reason is my now 2 month bout with trigeminal neuralgia.  I have had it travel from one side of my face to the other and it has made my mouth and teeth so sore that it was hard to enjoy all the wonderful Christmas treats my daughter helped me make this year.  I have just been too depressed to write I think.

On the other hand, though, we did have a great Christmas.  Both my daughters, their husbands and my two beautiful grandsons were here on Christmas Eve to celebrate Christmas with us.  My wonderful husband made eggplant lasagna for the vegetarians in the house and a glazed spiral cut ham for us meat eaters :).  He also made potatoes and parsnips and corn.  He tried to make a loaf of home made bread in the bread machine, but it didn't rise, so I tried to whip up some biscuits that never rose or browned because they were baked in the oven, under the lasagna :).  We all laughed about it, though, and my son-in-law even used them as a conveyance to eat the delicious preserves given to me by my wonderful Paraprofessional :) .  Isn't that part of the fun of Christmas?

So, I guess I am in a better mood now, the pain has abated, thanks to a timely call back from my neurologist's P.A.(gotta love that) who put me on some good medication and a lovely Christmas with my family which includes some snow and a nice long break with my wonderful husband.  Poor guy is suffering with a cold along with my daughter and her two sons.  I blame it on going to the pre-school Christmas program, which we of course would not miss for the world.  I am hoping I have been around enough school children to miss it altogether :)

Some pictures: :)