Wednesday, May 30, 2012

End of the year

I am sorry I haven't posted lately.  When I am feeling stressed, I find I don't feel like writing.  Anyway it's almost the end of the school year.  Although I am glad to be getting a break, I am always afraid I won't get everything done.  I always do, but it always weirds me out. 

I will miss the kids, especially the ones who will be going on to a kindergarten program next year (all of my girls :( ).  And I will see all of them at least twice this summer to check on them when they are in the extended school year program.  I check to make sure that they get to the right classes and that the teachers know as much about them as I can throw at them. 

Chris and I had a great weekend.  It was my birthday on Friday and Chris made me an angel food cake and brought it and a balloon to school to celebrate my birthday with my class.  He also invited my daughter Krista and Jack which was lovely.  Then we went to Pittsburgh to visit Holly and Kane.  They showed us an example of the new apartment they will be getting in August, Ikea and then took us out to dinner at The Melting Pot, extremely good :)  We left the next morning after brunch and came home and enjoyed our pool.  The next morning Chris had a 5K in Brambleton.  I went over and picked up Jack and we went back so that he could bounce in the bounce house and watched his Pop Pop run.  Then he had his face painted like Spiderman (he did it very shyly).  After he went home and showed him Mommy and Daddy and promptly wanted it washed off, he said it itched :)