Friday, August 8, 2008

chance meeting of friends

I am on vacation in the Outer Banks of NC with my husband. Yesterday, while we were down on the beach I saw a little girl with Down Syndrome playing in the waves as they broke. I, of course really wanted to talk to her, but she was so happy in her own little world, jumping up and down in the water's spray and I couldn't think of a good reason to bug her momma, so I left them alone.

An hour or so later, I saw a young man with Down Syndrome, walking by himself, down the beach, his earphones in his ears, carrying his shoes, smiling. A few yards down, his mother was ambling along behind him. As a Mom myself, I'd say she was keeping an eye on him, while letting him have "his space". She too saw the little girl and immediately stopped to talk to her happily smiling and asking her where her Mommy was. The little girl's Mom saw her and immediately came down to meet her with a big hug!

These two women had never met each other before, but they knew each other. Later I heard the mother of the little girl say to her friends, "ever since she was born, I have met some of the wonderful people". When the young man came back our way, she stopped him and introduced herself.

I know eavesdropping isn't really very nice, but this is one time I am very glad I did it.

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  1. Hi Lisa!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog. It's always good to know people are actually reading it. HA! I especially love hearing from people who do what I do. There really aren't that many of us out there. I do have a lot of AT available to me. I have a very supportive special ed. director and access to 3 large grants for individual students. If I didn't have these grants I wouldn't have nearly the resources I do now. From reading your blog, it sounds like we have similar classes (aahh, seizure meds, a love-hate relationship if ever there was one). Hope your year is going well!


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