Friday, August 16, 2013

The Great Thing About Summer Break!

Summer is almost over for me :(.  Unexpectedly, I have actually gone in a few days, to do some work and set up my room.  This is something I have never done before, since my school is an hour away from my home. I will miss this summer, especially because.....

I got to spend some time with babies

Only the furry one kept me up at nights, the patriotic one lives with his parents :).  And I spent some time with their big brothers.

My darling husband took off the last two weeks so we could spend some quality time together :)

And we spent some family time together celebrating my eldest daughter's birthday.
We had a new deck put up around our above ground pool and enjoyed basking in the sun while reading and listening to audio books.
All in all a pretty good summer minus all the dental surgery :(. 

But a new year beckons with a lot of new ideas, and with the help of Pinterest I hope to make it a "craftier" year as well :),

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