Sunday, May 12, 2013

The End of the Year Rush!!!!

    Well here it comes, a little over 4 weeks until the last day of school.  Whew! (she dramatically wipes her forehead) :)  Two more IEP's, end of the year paperwork and cleaning up the classroom.  I am always happier once all of the paperwork is done.  Then I really feel like I can relax.
      Chris just got home from a week away in Texas for training while I stayed at home and broke another tooth :(.  Unfortunately this is the one with the root canal that I just finished paying for, fortunately, it looks like it can be saved :).  I hate anything painful in my mouth and have pretty much managed to avoid it, except for the removal of my wisdom teeth, but after 55 years of clenching from stress, some of them have finally had enough.  The silly thing is that I was just getting ready to be fitted for a mouth guard, but now I will have to put it off until the new crown is finished. Fun times.!!
     Weather around here has been very strange.  First it's cold, then it's hot and it continues to rain and rain.  And the pollen has been horrific. I feel as though I have had the world's longest cold.
      Today is Mother's Day.  I have phone calls from all 3 of my grown up children, even the one wandering the US, managed to find a phone to call me on :).  I am lucky to have them.  Maybe this summer I can actually get around to scanning some more of their pictures to my computer (yeah, yeah) and maybe we will finally get around to painting our bedroom.  Who knows, I have a whole long summer to look forward to, definitely one of the perks to being a teacher.

Me with my oldest and middle child.

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