Saturday, September 29, 2012

Do I Like Fall?

Hi, I am doing this post as part of a Writer's Workshop.  The subject I chose was "10 Things You Like About Fall". 

Well, first of all, Fall is not my favorite season.  Summer is, followed closely by Spring.  I hate the cold and love the heat.  However, there are a couple of things I do like about Fall.

#1. This guy has his birthday in the Fall.  No, he doesn't look like this anymore, but I can remember   when he did.  He is going to turn a big old 4 this November.
#2.  He is going to have a little brother, also in November.  Two very good reasons to like the Fall :)
#3.  I do like Fall decorations.  The colors are warm and pretty.
#4.  Fall foliage in Northern VA is amazing!  Every day I see it on my way to work.
#5.  School starts.  I don't always like getting up at 5 am, but I do enjoy my job.
#6.  Christmas is coming, with 2 grandchildren, this should get even better :).
#7.  I am keeping my fingers crossed for some snow days this year.  We had none last year :(.

Ok, that's is where I kinda run out of steam.   Like I said before, I really don't like the cold and right now all of the stink bugs in the world are trying to get into warm places, like inside our cars and houses!!! Double and Triple Yuck!!!!!

Here's to a pretty fall, a snowy winter and an early advent of Spring!

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