Thursday, July 5, 2012

Getting A Whole Lot of Nothing Done!

Well,  I was going to try and write my blog daily, obviously that hasn't happened.  I have done some house cleaning and the other night actually was able to clean my upstairs carpet.  Good thing too, because along came that mysterious and evidently not rare enough storm that knocked out our power from Friday night until early Wednesday morning :(. 

Of course this had to happen during the week when temps were at record highs in the area and even though we have a pool, that my husband had just shocked the heck out of, you can only swim in it for so long when the pump's not working.  We eventually spent Tuesday night at a nearby hotel, which was heaven :).

Our poor doggy though was miserable because when the electricity did come on, all the bells and whistles of the security system and the smoke detectors were wailing away and there were no people at home to turn them off.  It's hard when you don't have opposing thumbs!

So I suffered a lot of internet withdrawal and now have a really good excuse for not writing my  blog. 

On Monday, I get to go to the doctor's with my daughter and see "pictures" and hopefully discover the sex of our soon to be second grandchild.  Modern technology is wonderful when it's working :).

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