Friday, August 7, 2009

Continuing education....

Well, as I have said before (I think), I am taking an online class this summer on using technology in the classroom. Unfortunately, the class is going on right in the middle of my vacation (2 weeks in Florida, including the ASF conference). It's never fun to do "homework" while you are supposed to be on vacation, but this is the beauty of online learning, you can do the work when it's convenient for you.

This week we learned about streaming video and podcasts. As usual I am having to think outside the box in order to figure out how I am going to use these tools with my students. Since at this point, anyway, they are all non verbal, I don't think we are going to be able to do podcasts. And with streaming video most of the available video is not on a level appropriate for my students. I am thinking though, that making videos of my students for my students may be a valuable way for them to learn and relearn new skills. I am specifically thinking of when they are in the community, choosing food from a menu, picking groceries off of shelves and paying for items. This could also be a great way to learn social skills. Maybe I can use some of their peers to "act out"some of the social skills I would like my students to learn.

Thank goodness that like my students, teachers never stop learning!


  1. I think your students would benefit and enjoy making their life skills videos.

  2. It sounds like teaching your students is a real challenge. If they are non-verbal it may, like you said, be difficult to use podcasts. Perhaps you could pair up with an appropriate grade level and work with those teachers. Maybe they could create the podcasts that you could use in your classroom. They would benefit from producing the podcast and your students would benefit from seeing them.

  3. I think that what you have in mind for the videos is fantastic and would be a great learning tool for the students. Great idea!


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