Thursday, July 24, 2008

Teaching Angels

The title of my blog "Teaching Angels" is kind of a double entendre. I teach children with multiple special needs, they are angels, although they don't always act like it :) I also teach and have taught children with a genetic syndrome called Angelman Syndrome. In some circles they are labeled "angels" as well. I love all of my students but I have definitely found I have an affinity and special liking for children with Angelman Syndrome.
I am hoping by writing this blog I can offer my experiences and some of the hard lessons I have learned in the 16 years I have been teaching special education. I definitely don't know all the answers, every child and every situation is different, but I might have some ideas on how to help.
Right now I am on summer vacation!!! Although I still have contact with my students from time to time, I am mostly enjoying a little more than 2 months of no teaching. I will be going to a conference in VA Beach in a couple of weeks on teaching children with multiple disabilities, but we ( my wonderful husband and I ) managed to insert it into a two week trip to the Outer Banks, however we will have computers with us and the beach house has WiFi, so I will continue to post.

Goodbye for now!

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