Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ending Seizures?

Many of my students have seizure disorders, sometimes the seizures are controlled, sometimes they are not. I have come to the not very scientific conclusion that those children who have their seizures controlled, develop quicker and further. And I do believe in the kindling theory of seizures and that seizures themselves cause damage, especially to the quickly developing brain of a child.
One of my students is going to be enrolled in a study using the "Low Glycemic Index Treatment" for his seizures. The hope is that by using this diet, his seizures will either be totally controlled or can be controlled by less medication. Right now he has tried most medications and various combinations and they are either ineffective or have undesireable side effects. The LGIT needs to be administered and overseen by both a neurologist and a dietician, but the hope is that it will be less restrictive than the ketogenic diet would be and just as effective.
Here's hoping and praying.

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